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We like to buy a gadget at Christmas... Fortunately, if you buy a gadget for bikers, then we have a lot of creativity in the sub-£100 category. You can get some very beautiful bicycle gadgets, and we are happy to receive these gadgets ourselves.

Christmas afternoon rolls in. You have a great lunch, and 90% of your body is a pig wrapped in a blanket. The family walk after Christmas lunch is over, it's dark outside...but the best part of the day is about to happen! When Grandpa fell asleep before the speech the Queen asked you to record, you settled down and installed the bicycle gadget you got from Santa.

Frankly speaking, preparing a gadget for someone is a good way to ensure they stay quiet for most of Christmas (it may be good or bad, depending on who it is!) but gadgets are not just for Christmas Festival. These gift ideas will be used long after the big day...

Bryton Rider 15E Neo is a great choice for anyone who needs a compact, easy-to-use GPS computer. The setup speed is fast, and the battery life is up to 16 hours, which is excellent; assuming you don’t want maps or directions, there’s really nothing disliked about money.

Five pages of data are available, and indicators include altitude, gradient, and temperature. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, it can be paired with various sensors to display heart rate and cadence.

If your family/friends like to listen to music or podcasts while riding, these are good choices. AfterShokz OpenMove bone conduction headphones are very light and comfortable, can handle showers and will not block traffic noise, allowing you to keep track of what is happening around you.

They have no problem wrapping the helmet strap and cycling glasses at the same time; they are well-shaped, can bypass the specifications and sit comfortably without touching them, and they stay in place without any effort.

These bone conduction headphones still cannot handle heavy bass or strong winds perfectly, but given the sharp drop in prices in recent years, the technology is very attractive.

That's cool! The Near Field Communication (NFC) chip has been built into the inner tube. It transmits air pressure wirelessly to the rider's smartphone via the Tubolito app, which is available on Android and iOS. All you need to do is to open the app, place the smartphone within 3cm of the chip, and the pressure will be displayed in the bar and PSI at the same time.

In terms of size, it covers 700c and 650b wheels and 46mm to 64mm tires, basically suitable for those who ride thicker tires on gravel bikes.

This is an easy-to-use digital tire pressure gauge with compact structure and light weight. It can be placed in a sweatshirt pocket for long-distance riding. It provides a simple way to check the pressure without digging and fixing the pump, which is especially useful on the go.

It is made of sturdy engineering-grade polymer and can easily withstand several impacts during work. The 360-degree rotating head makes the bright LCD display easy to read from any angle, and when the reading reaches 260psi, it can even handle suspension forks and shocks.

Apple AirTags is a relatively cheap and effective way to track your bike, and cleverly adds a safety element. Simple to use, simple to track, they do not guarantee the kind of high-precision GPS tracking of others; but the benefits of this relatively low-tech system and corresponding price tag outweigh it.

How does it work? Well, you can put AirTag in "lost mode", and then when another device in the Apple network detects it, you will automatically receive a notification and see it on the map. However, you count on users in the area to get the latest location.

However, the fact that you only need to replace the battery once a year means that you can immediately eliminate one of the main challenges faced by bike trackers, and coupled with their size, your choice of installation options increases significantly. For example, Kapz has a mount that can carefully fix the AirTag under the saddle. At present, we often find other smart ways to store the AirTag on the bicycle. 

This is a powerful little device, thanks to its anti-glare lens, it can cast a lot of light on the road without dazzling people coming to you, and you can also get a good battery life and fast charging time.

Some riders prefer to "cut off" the beam at the top to mimic the car's low beam beam, which is similar to the beam provided by the CR800. The lens diffuses in two different directions, producing what Ravemen calls a T-shaped beam. It basically has a short-range floodlight to illuminate the road in front of your wheel, and a long-range spotlight to illuminate further roads, but with this cut-off line-it is very effective.

The pump is designed for 32 mm wide and larger tires, has an integrated 3.5-inch digital pressure gauge, has an effective maximum pressure rating of 100 psi, and claims an accuracy level of /- 0.5 psi.

Lezyne's tubeless chuck adopts a reversible design and is threaded to the Presta valve core, or after the valve core is removed, it is directly connected to the Presta valve shaft to provide greater airflow for most tubeless tires. The chuck also has an integrated spool tool for easy tightening and disassembly of the valve.

Wahoo’s Tickr Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) is a well-designed chest strap that allows you to connect up to three Bluetooth devices at the same time and is not as susceptible to sweat damage as other HRMs.

The dual-band connection is stable, and the LED status light is a useful visual indicator to check whether everything is working properly.

This is a well-made, effective and bright light that lasts well between charges. There are only six modes, which can be cycled with just one click, so it is easy to choose-they are all useful too. You will get a high and low solid beam, two flash speeds, a mode that combines a very fast flash with a solid beam burst, and smoothly rising and falling pulses.

None of them had excessively long unlit pauses, and the large lens made them all very eye-catching. The lens shape also provides a fairly good lateral visibility range, which is very good near intersections and roundabouts.

For commuters, this is a good helmet choice because it has smart lighting that turns on automatically in dark conditions, helping to provide visibility into the surrounding traffic. In addition, when the built-in gravity acceleration sensor detects significant deceleration, the front and rear lights will increase for three seconds to attract attention.

Another useful touch that helps to ensure the longest battery life is that when the helmet is disconnected from the phone and has not been used for 15 minutes, the lights will automatically turn off.

Now, this gift is full of fun, and it will entice you to do powerful exercises. Using the smart trainer, players can activate pedals to race on a virtual street, and twisting the handlebars allows you to get an ace at the corner and cross traffic.

Combining exercise, gameplay and storytelling, this is the world's first open-world video game designed specifically for bicycle smart trainers. Hustle City is a story-driven messenger game created and developed by a real bike messenger in the California Bay Area. The first season consists of five episodes. 

Okay, so the proper retail price for Forerunner 35 is 130 pounds, but Amazon has a nice discount, which is great to not include in this sub-pound summary.

Forerunner 35 works like any bicycle computer; it is right on your wrist, but you can also easily attach it to the handlebar. Smart watches like this are not just used to record your ride. They are perfect for running or entering the gym, and Forerunner 35 is water resistant up to 50 meters. Since it is a smart watch, you can also see notifications that pop up on your phone.

Ah Strava, this is a popular KoM hunting social network for athletes. When adults set the fastest time on key local roads, they will cry with joy! Or become very sad when friends don't like them... 

Strava recently introduced its breakdown of the leaderboard as a paid feature, so giving away a Strava membership will allow the cyclist in your life to stay quiet while studying altitude charts, viewing wind forecasts, and accurately studying where you are on Sunday. KoM try Will be done.

Wahoo has just launched its new SYSTM training app, which contains a variety of immersive content categories, including "On Location", "ProRides" and "Inspiration" workouts. These include race simulations with real professional footage and guided tours of the most iconic cycling locations in the world. Then, all of this can be compiled into a specific training plan to achieve the goal, no matter what the goal is.

Designed by the elite coaches of Wahoo Sports Science and personalized according to your 4DP profile, you can make the most of your training time. The exercise library also covers a lot of content: cycling, running and swimming classes, yoga, weight-based strength training and mental training.

Haven't found exactly what you are looking for, or are looking for an impractical gift? Be sure to check out our other Christmas gift guides here. 

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Anna has been obsessed with bicycles since she was young at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. As an avid road and track racer, she reached the exciting heights of the ProCyclingStats profile before heading to university. Now that she has completed her master's degree in multimedia journalism, she hopes to add some (more successful) results. Although her greatest wish is to more widely accept wearing fashionable cycling socks on leg warmers.

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