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2021-12-13 14:01:47 By : Ms. Natelie Huang

London: According to a report from The Observer on Sunday, a former official stated that the British plan to promote resettlement in Afghanistan lacks adequate resources due to concerns that the government will unofficially abandon the project. Four months after Kabul was occupied by the Taliban, the resettlement plan for Afghan citizens is still pending. The failure of the project can be attributed to insufficient funding and government support. Adam Thomson, the former director of the British Foreign Office in Afghanistan, warned that he described the project as "cynic" political opportunism lacking practical results. "This seems like a political expedient. As the media's focus shifts to other places, the government has lost its political will, its focus, and its execution," he said. "This is a tried and tested technique. You announce something and you look good. Then somehow, the situation prevents you from actually achieving your goals. "Relocation plans are the ticket to people to rebuild their lives, but they just don't get the proper resource. As far as I know, there is no coordination. "The program’s website reports that it has not yet opened applications, and it has been more than 100 days since its official launch. However, in light of the criticism of the ACRS’s handling of the program, the British government last week pledged to “commit” it, describing it as “our country One of the most generous plans in history. "This will enable as many as 20,000 people at risk to live a new life in the UK. We are working across government departments and with partners such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in complex and changing circumstances. Design and open up the plan. We are committed to working with the international community to achieve this goal.” But Britain’s Afghanistan relocation and aid policy has also been criticized similarly. A meeting of parliament heard that only 84 officials were assigned to oversee the project, which aims to relocate Afghans who cooperated with the British army in a war-torn country. So far, the program has received more than 90,000 applications, which shows that officials must process more than 1,000 applications each. A spokesperson for Adam Smith International, which has completed the British government's aid program in Afghanistan in the past two decades, said that failure to open ACRS has put hundreds of people at serious risk. The spokesperson added: “Since the evacuation ended, our former employees have hardly any updates or information about their applications.”

"The ACRS program has not yet been opened. This puts hundreds of our employees from the UK project in a desperate situation in Kabul, with no hope and no information."

Copenhagen: The Danish health authority said on Monday that it will provide a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible to everyone over the age of 40 to curb the spread of the omicron variant. “Due to the new and more infectious variant of omicron, the Danish health authorities have decided to give everyone 40 years of age and older a third injection, so they will be vaccinated four and a half months after the second injection,” the health authorities said. The statement said. Director Soren Brostrom said that by reducing the dose interval, “we will be able to provide better protection for those with increased risk of serious diseases and increased immunity of the population, and thus enter the winter.” European Medicines The Administration (EMA) said last week that the third dose of vaccine was “safe and effective” three months after the initial vaccination. The UK announced on Sunday evening that it will speed up the launch of the booster dose and open it to all people over 18 years old by next year. Among the confirmed cases of omicron, Denmark is second only to the United Kingdom in the world, and both countries have performed extensive sequencing of samples to quickly detect mutations. As of Sunday, 2,471 cases of omicron have been detected in this Nordic country with a population of 5.8 million, of which 80.6% of the population over the age of five have received two doses of the vaccine. The World Health Organization said on Sunday that the omicron variant appears to spread faster than the Delta variant, which makes the vaccine less effective but causes less symptoms, while stressing that the data is still incomplete. In response to the surge in cases, Denmark re-implemented new restrictions last week, closing schools and universities, reducing nightlife and promoting remote work.

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that at least one person infected with omicron has died because the country has embarked on an ambitious enhancement plan for the variant. "Sadly, at least one patient was confirmed to have died of omicron," Johnson warned on Sunday that this mutation would trigger a "tidal" infection, he told reporters. The United Kingdom also said on Monday that the omicron coronavirus variant is spreading at an "astounding rate" and now accounts for about 40% of the number of infections in London, so people should step up their injections because double vaccinated people are still vulnerable. Since the first case of omicron was discovered in the UK on November 27, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed stricter restrictions and told the country on Sunday that the "wave" of omicron is coming. The UK said that unless action is taken, 1 million people may be infected with omicron by the end of this month. "It spreads at an alarming rate, which we have never seen before, and the number of infections doubles every two to three days," Health Minister Sajid Javid told Sky News. "This means that we are facing a wave of infections and we are once again in a race between vaccine and virus." The pound fell 0.4% to $1.3225, while it was roughly stable at 85.29 pence against the euro. Johnson is working hard to deal with the party's measures to contain the omicron rebellion and the strong protest against the so-called political party by the Downing Street office during the blockade last year. He said that people should hurry up and get vaccinated to protect "our freedom and our way of life." After COVID-19 was first detected in China at the end of 2019, he was criticized for initially refusing to lock down. He was also criticized for overseeing errors in transferring patients to nursing homes, and the establishment of expensive testing and tracking systems that failed to prevent the deadly second wave The epidemic has been criticized. Johnson has repeatedly stated that although he has made mistakes, the government is making rapid decisions in the biggest public health crisis in generations, and his government has quickly introduced a vaccine. Globally, COVID has been It killed 5.3 million people, destroyed trillions of dollars in economic output, and changed the normal lives of many people. In the UK, more than 146,000 people died of COVID. When Johnson tried to stop the spread of omicron, he Facing the anger of party liberals over stricter COVID rules and declining poll ratings. He was involved in handling scandals, obtaining lucrative COVID contracts, renovating Downing Street apartments, and intervening during the chaotic retreat in the West in August. The claim to ensure that pets are evacuated from Kabul has been criticized. The Ipsos MORI survey of the London Evening News found that the leader of the opposition Labor Party, Kilstamer, leads Johnson by 13 percentage points. A competent prime minister. The Labour Party leads Johnson’s Conservative Party by 39%. The Conservative Party has risen by three percentage points. The latter has fallen by one percentage point since the last survey of 35% in November last year. Javid said that although England has no confirmed deaths , Only 10 people were hospitalized for the omicron variant, but its rapid spread means that unless the government takes action, health services may be overwhelmed. “Two doses are not enough, but three doses still provide excellent prevention of symptomatic infection. Protection," Javid said. The government hopes to provide boosters for all adults before the new year. Given the Christmas holiday, this is an ambitious goal of vaccinating 1 million people every day, which is about twice the current number of 530,000 people every day. .

London: Officials claimed that the doctors only started to take care of pregnant refugees who arrived in the UK several weeks after arriving in the UK, and they were deprived of food.

According to a Labour MP, a mother who was pregnant for the first time at 38 weeks did not see a doctor within a few weeks after crossing the dangerous strait into the UK.

Peter Kyle, the shadow secretary of Northern Ireland, said that when the Iraqi Kurdish woman was examined, it was found that she was suffering from acrophobia-a strong fear of childbirth-and a hip that could cause complications in childbirth. Bit performance.

He asked the Home Office, which is responsible for managing the arrival of refugees and immigrants in the UK, to investigate the treatment of at least five women in his Hove and Portslade constituencies.

In a letter sent to the Ministry of the Interior this month, Kyle wrote: “A community midwife has entered the hotel because a pregnant woman needs to book prenatal care. When she arrived, she discovered that the woman was pregnant 38 Zhou, and has not seen a doctor/general practitioner since arriving in the UK. This lady has a primary fear of heights and may have breech performance."

Kyle said the midwife found that four more women needed prenatal care.

"She was asked to take care of these women in public areas and was unable to assess their other living conditions," he wrote.

According to the Guardian, another letter of complaint written by a health official stated that the guards were holding food. "Sometimes only water is given to pregnant women," the official claimed.

The Ministry of the Interior has taken over three hotels in Hof to temporarily accommodate those arriving in the UK.

Human rights groups say that the hotel’s conditions prevent people from accessing basic medical care.

Britain has been struggling to deal with the crowds arriving in the country through the English Channel.

It is believed that more than 25,000 refugees and immigrants will arrive in the UK in 2021, almost three times the 8,469 who arrived in the UK in 2020.

The Ministry of the Interior said in a statement that it “worked closely with service providers to ensure that our accommodations meet the highest standards and attach great importance to women’s welfare. All accommodations comply with safety standards and Covid-19 regulations.”

A spokesperson told the Guardian that they were unable to comment on individual cases, adding: “The asylum seekers we take care of can get medical support when they need it. All asylum seekers who would otherwise be impoverished can get equipment for free. Fully furnished accommodation, we also bear their utility expenses.

"They can choose three meals a day according to the nutrition guidelines of the NHS (National Health Service), and they have continuous access to drinking water."

Rome: On Monday, rescuers found four other bodies in the rubble of a collapsed building in Sicily. The cause may be a large-scale explosion caused by a gas leak. Officials said the death toll rose to seven. The island’s civil defense department said on Facebook that after four residential buildings in the southern town of Ravanusa collapsed later on Saturday, “searches for the other two missing have continued unabated”. The newest victim was found at dawn. A photo posted on the Twitter account of the fire service in the area showed a firefighter standing on the rubble and "starting a new day in pain." The two women were rescued from the rubble early on Sunday after being spotted by sniffer dogs, but rescuers did not hear further signs of life. According to the Civil Defense Department, the explosion flattened four buildings in the central residential area with nearly 11,000 residents, including a four-story apartment building. The scene image shows that in a huge open space, there are a lot of concrete gravel, wooden beams and damaged steel, and the adjacent buildings are scorched and damaged. An investigation into the cause of the explosion has begun, and the authorities said it was most likely a gas leak. Italgas, a natural gas distributor, said in a statement that it had not received any reports of natural gas leaks in the week before the accident. It said that no construction work has been carried out on the part of the pipeline affected by the explosion, and that the town’s power distribution network has been fully inspected in 2020 and 2021. Local resident Calogero Bonanno said: "My neighbor told me there is a smell of gas." Italian media quoted him as saying: "I heard a huge roar, like a bomb exploded or a plane hit the house." "Then the window frame exploded. We went to the street immediately, there was fire everywhere, and rubble everywhere." He said after escaping with his wife, three children and in-laws. "It's a miracle that we are still alive."

A police chief said that a car shooting occurred during a candlelight vigil near Houston on Sunday night, killing one person and injuring at least 13 others. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez (Ed Gonzalez) said that the shooting took place around 6:40 pm when about 50 people gathered near Baytown North Market Loop, about 25 miles west of Houston, to celebrate their lives. . "Just when they released the balloon into the air, the vehicle came," he said. "Almost at that exact time, they opened fire on the crowd." Gonzalez said one of the wounded was taken to the hospital by helicopter. He said that one of the injured was believed to be a young child. Gonzalez said that it is too early to determine whether the shooting is related to the gang. "Those bullets don't have eyes or anything, so it just puts everyone in danger," Gonzalez said. A witness, Sidney Williams, told KTRK-TV, "People screamed and ran towards their cars."