Competitor Films: Documentary 2021: Live Broadcast, Schedule, Showcase-Deadline

2021-11-22 03:59:28 By : Ms. Shan Guan

Competitor Films Deadline: Documentary Awards Season Event, our virtual display of major non-fictional works of the year, will begin at 9 AM on Sunday. This year’s 25 movie lineup reflects the increasing availability of documentary content on various platforms: Showtime and HBO, streaming HBO Max, Netflix, Discovery, Hulu, Amazon Studios and Apple TV, as well as theater distributors Neon and Focus Features , Searchlight Pictures and Sony Pictures Classics.

If Sunday’s "Competitor" event had a soundtrack, it would be the top of the charts over the years. No less than four movies in our group lineup today are accompanied by music beats: The Summer of Souls (...or, when the revolution is not available on TV) restores the long-forgotten Harlem Cultural Festival of 1969, which welcomes Here comes incredible artists, from teenage Stevie Wonder to Mahalia Jackson, Sly and the Family Stone and the fifth The Fifth Dimension.

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Ron and Russell Mael are brothers and sisters who formed the rock and pop duo Sparks in 1966. They are the eye-catching themes of "Brothers of Spark" and the director Todd Haynes who is famous for his Oscar-nominated screenplays. (Todd Haynes) became the documentary director of The Velvet Underground. Innovative research on the avant-garde rock band led by Lou Reed.

Multiple Grammy Award winner Billie Eilish is one of the most respected young singer-songwriters today. She shared her experience of becoming a star in "Billy Eilish: The World Is A Little Blurred".

The country’s long history of racial injustice has supported the titles of many competitors, from Who We Are: A Chronicle of American Racism to My Name is Pauli Murray, the Oscar-nominated duo Bessie West and Julie ·Directed by Cohen. The late Arthur Ashe faced racism in tennis and fought for civil rights off the court. He produced an animation for Citizen Ashe.

At the same time, Attica explored the racial dimension of one of the bloodiest prison uprisings in American history: in 1971, when most black and brown prisoners occupied the nominal correctional facility in upstate New York. The white-dominated state power structure finally retaliated with indiscriminate gunfire.

Oakland high school students are using their voices to demand social change, and they starred in Homeroom. In Cusp, three young women who have grown up in small Texas towns move forward in a masculine world. Gender inequality constitutes the background of LFG, a film about the US women’s national football team’s legal struggle to achieve equal pay for equal work with their male counterparts.

Hollywood characters dominate the screens of several films in "The Competitor," including one of the industry's fundamental geniuses in "The Real Charlie Chaplin." Among Chaplin's business successors, actor Val Kilmer shared his artistic and spiritual pursuits and his experience of recovering from laryngeal cancer in the revealed Val. The actress Selma Blair, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago, provided an intimate contact with her life in a touching, surprisingly interesting and joyous introduction.

The lineup alternates between the stories of the famous cookbook author and TV personality Julia Childe, chef, writer and TV personality Anthony Bourdain, ocean explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau, Pope Francis, and Little-known story: rebellious nuns who dared to challenge Catholic orthodoxy in the 1960s; brave marchers seeking a cure to deal with the sexual abuse of Catholic clergy in their childhood.

Refugees in the Middle East war are often relegated to anonymity. They tell their stories in "Simple as Water" and "Escape", which uses animation to record the difficult road of resettlement of an Afghan gay man in Denmark.

This is a boom period for documents, there are so many excellent films to consider this Oscar season, "Competitor Films: Documentaries" is an important guide for you to get an incredible list of films. Check out today’s schedule and group lineup below, and use the hashtag #DeadlineContenders to follow deadlines and reports on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

9:04-9:16 am-The real Charlie Chaplin

Peter Middleton (director) James Spinney (director)

Stanley Nelson (Director/Producer) Traci A. Curry (Producer)

Park Hill (Director/Cinematographer/Editor) Isabel Besancourt (Director/Cinematographer)

9:36-9:47 am-Street Gangs: How We Reached Sesame Street

Marilyn Agrelo (Director) Ellen Scherer Crafts (Producer) Trevor Crafts (Producer)

9:47-9:57 am – Simple as water

Megan Mylan (director) Robin Hessman (producer) Hazem Obid (co-producer)

9:57-10:07 am – Breathe together

Wang Nanfu (Director/Producer) Zhang Jialing (Producer) Julie Goldman (Producer)

10:08-10:18 am – Become Cousteau

10:18-10:28 am-first wave

10:28-10:41 am-Spark Brothers

Edgar Wright (director) Ron Mayer (topic) Russell Mayer (topic)

10:41-10:53 am – Roadrunner: A movie about Anthony Burden

Morgan Neville (Director/Producer) Caitrin Rogers (Producer) Eileen Meyer (Editor) Aaron Wickenden (Editor)

Andrea Nix Fine (Director/Producer) Sean Fine (Director/Director of Photography/Producer) Becky Sauerbrunn (Subject: Member of the US Women’s National Football Team)

11:27-11:37 am – My name is Pauli Murray

Betsy West (Director/Writer) Julie Cohen (Director/Writer), Talleah Bridges McMahon (Producer/Writer)

Leo Scott (Director/Producer) Ting Poo (Director/Producer)

11:48 am to 12:18 pm-lunch

12:19-12:31 pm – Billie Eilish: The world is a little fuzzy

Jenna Rosher (photographer) RJ Cutler (writer/director/producer)

12:31-12:42 pm – The Velvet Underground

Todd Haynes (director/producer) Adam Kunitz (editor)

12:53-1:05 pm-Summer of Souls (...or when the revolution cannot be broadcast on TV)

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson (Director/Executive Producer)

1:05-1:16 pm – Citizen Ashe

Rex Miller (co-director) Sam Pollard (co-director)

Julie Cohen (Director) Betsy West (Director)

1:27-1:38 pm – Who are we: An American chronicle of racism

Emily Kunstler (Director) Sarah Kunstler (Director) Jeffery Robinson (Theme)

1:49-2 pm – Heart of Rebellion

Pedro Kos (Director) Shawnee Isaac-Smith (Writer/Producer) Kira Carstensen (Producer) Judy Korin (Producer)

2-2:13 pm-Introduction, Selma Blair

Rachel Fleet (director) Selma Blair (theme)

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